YOYO Bus Ipoh - The Pioneer Express Bus Between Ipoh and KLIA

As I have told you before, YOYO Bus Ipoh travel from KLIA to Ipoh, and vice versa. Now they have even expanded their service to the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal).

It would be a wise choice for you if you choose to visit Ipoh straight away after your arrival at the airport in Kuala Lumpur by this express bus.

There will be no waiting and traffic jam to the main bus station - Puduraya bus station, which is located in the city center.

What would you get from it? TIME and MONEY saving! Which are essential for a vacation trip.

With the bus schedule provided as below, you can easily arrange your bus ticket to suit your flight departure or arrival time. But make sure to give it some time span, as you will never know when will you have a flat tyre or long queue for the luggage.

YOYO Bus Schedule

There are as many as 11 bus trips available daily for you to travel between Ipoh and KLIA/LCCT. You can easily find one that suit your travel schedule.

The bus journey for one way will take about three and a half hour.

For detail bus schedule, you will have to visit their website for more information.

Departure Place (KLIA):

Ground Floor, Block C (Bus terminal), Platform 5 (15 minutes before departure time)

Departure Place (LCCT):

Bus Station Platform 8

Departure Place (Ipoh):

No. 330, Jalan Bercham, Taman Medan Bercham, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Syuen Hotel Ipoh - new pick up point

Airport Bus Ticketing Contacts:

Ms. Yennie / Ms. Pou Yen
Tel: +6016 417 7669 / +6016 418 7669
Email: yennie@yoyo.org.my / pyng@yoyo.org.my

Now you can even purchase the bus ticket online via their website.

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