Tourist Attractions of the Unknown Ipoh City

It is true that Ipoh may not have many popular tourist attractions, such as high profile beaches and sunshine in tropical countries.

It is true that Ipoh may not known by many tourists, like you.

But it is also true...

... that Ipoh presents its uniqueness to the eye of the world by providing peacefulness, relaxation, choices of delicious food, historical buildings art, limestone cave temples etc.

So, stop wondering what to do in Ipoh!

Limestone Cave Temples...

Limestone cave temple

Most of the hills around Ipoh are limestone hills.

Do you know about the stalagmites and stalactites? They are basically special-shaped mineral forms that often found in limestone caves.

A stalactite is an icicle-shaped mass of calcite attached to the roof of a limestone cavern while stalagmites grow upwards from the cave floor and can be conical, fir-cone-shaped, or resemble a stack of saucers.

Growing stalactites and stalagmites often meet each other to form solid pillars. The presence of impurities gives colors to stalagmites and stalactites. These natural arts have made limestone caves one of the tourist attractions in Ipoh.

Moreover, these limestone caves are not barely a cave, but are cave temples!

Threes main limestone cave temples in the city are Perak Tong, Sam Poh Tong and Kek Lok Tong. For your information, "Tong" means 'cave' in Chinese.

Historical Buildings...

Ipoh town hall

Ipoh, same as the other states in Malaysia, had been conquered by the British before Malaysia declares its independence at 31st August 1957.

Till now, it is still having quite a number of buildings standing in the city with the combination of local and western architecture art.

For instance, the Ipoh Railway Station, Birch Memorial Clock Tower etc.

If you are with kids, taking them to the museum is always a good idea. Furthermore, there is free entrance to the Darul Ridzuan Museum.

If you would like to take a self-guided walking tour around Ipoh's top heritage sites you can find more information here.



Despite the growth of the surroundings, Ipohan remain their calm, steady and relax lifestyle. Therefore, the city has been equipped with gardens to fulfill residents' and your needs. Such as the Polo Ground and Japanese Garden. Morning jogging and photo taking will be some of the activities that you would like to do at the gardens. There are playgrounds and exercise equipments too.

One of the greatest and oldest gardens in the city is the D.R. Seenivasagam Park. There are childhood memories for every Ipohan.

In the other hand, Ipoh Riverfront Park is one of the latest and most costly (multi-million Ringgit spent) recreational parks in the city.

Lagoon Theme Park...

Lagoon theme park

A new tourist attraction in Ipoh. It is the first water theme park in Ipoh.

Have you ever heard of or been to KL Sunway Lagoon theme park? This is sort of its branch in Ipoh. Another Sunway Lagoon theme park that located at Tambun, Ipoh instead.

We present you

The Lost World of Tambun!

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