Polo Ground
(Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park)

You'll see the sign board of Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park (usually known as Polo Ground to the locals) on your left, when you are going along Tambun Road towards Ipoh city.

This park wasn't much known by the city residents. It's because it is invisible from the main road (Tambun Road) where trees block its view. But, good thing will spread its name by itself. :)

Polo Ground

This park is not as big as DR Park, but it has the best jogging track in town. An early morning jogging in the park is the thing you want to do for freshness. Even the King of the state enjoys it here.

There is a foot therapy ground too, if you can stand the pain, hehe. And also other exercise equipments with instruction boards.

In the middle of the park, it's a big field where people could fly kites. It's a great activity between parents and children for some interactions besides playing at the playground.

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