Pasar Malam
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Pasar malam at Medan Baru Ipoh

Visiting to the "pasar malam" or night market is one of the favorite activities for local residents or Malaysians. What's so attractive about it? There are makeshift stalls/hawkers selling various type of things at cheap price!

It's truly a paradise for bargain hunters. Goods available are food, fashion wear, tidbits, vegetables, fruits, folk medicine, household utensils and many other things that you ever thought of.

The night market is a potpourri of sights and sounds, making it a fascinating experience of a truly Malaysian identity. Try to imagine that the road is closed, stuffed with stalls and people.

These night markets can be as huge as covering few roads. Therefore visiting them may be a great exercise too, I bet you should be sweating after one round of shopping. Hehe.

Anyway, my shopping schedule will focus on searching for all kinds of tidbits! Hehe. You can just skip your dinner to enjoy all kinds of delicious food there.

Oh yea, just to remind you that the market operating hour is from 6pm to 10pm (just an estimation). And when it rains, it has to be cancelled.

A rough time schedule of night markets in Ipoh:

Monday Ipoh Jaya (Ampang)
Tuesday Ipoh Garden East
Wednesday Stadium Perak
Thursday Taman SPPK (Pangkalan)
Friday Menglembu, First Garden
Saturday Menglembu, Ipoh Garden East
Sunday Cempaka

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