Fill Your Weekend Morning With
Nice Kampar Food

Besides Ipoh, my hometown, I would like to introduce my mother's hometown, Kampar, to you too.

It's a small town at the south of Ipoh.

You can reach the town using the North-South Expressway. Exit at the Gopeng Toll and continue driving to the south using the old road.

Every now and then, we will back to this small town for a food trip. We will wake up early in the morning of weekends and drive about 45 minutes from Ipoh, solely for the nice food!

Egg tarts of “Kam Ling” dim sum restaurant

Basically, among all sort of delicious food in my mother's hometown, two of them are my favorite. They are egg tarts from “Kam Leng” dim sum restaurant and “Ham Kok Jai” (salty dumpling) from a small mobile-hawker near the wet market.

Besides my favorite food mentioned above, “Low Su Fun”, fried meat ball, and “Loh Mai Fan” (glutinous rice) are very famous too!

Here is the itinerary of our typical food trip to Kampar:

We reached “Kam Ling” dim sum restaurant around 8.30am to buy the popular egg tarts before it is sold out. If we are lucky enough, we will get more than a dozen of egg tarts.

My favorite salty dumplings

After that, we headed to the food court near the wet market. There is a restaurant called “Kampar Fye Hoong Restaurant”, located just adjacent to the food court.

We were looking for the man selling “Ham Kok Chai” (salty dumpling) on his motorcycle. He always stops his motorcycle in front of the restaurant.

This dumpling selling business has started about 3 decades ago by his mother, shouting "Ham Kok Chai" from door to door.

The salty dumpling is my mother and my grandmother's favorite too! Thus, we bought 8 packs, totaling about 120 salty dumplings. Don‘t worry, we are able to finish it. Our family members can take the salty dumplings as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now you should know that we are really crazy for it!

Later on, we continued our journey by having breakfast at the food court. We ate the famous “Low Su Fun” and fried meat ball.

The famous Kampar Low Su Fun (rice noodle)
Fried meat balls, which come together with the Low Su Fun

Besides, we took away few packs of glutinous rice with curry for my dad.

Glutinous rice with Char Siew (BBQ pork) and groundnuts

That had ended our food hunting trip. However, there are more food available at the market. For example, the food shown in pictures below. We just didn't have enough time for it. If you've gotten the chance, just walk around the market and take whatever looks nice to you. =)

Chinese pancake
Little rice noodle

There is another restaurant in this small town, which is famous with its curry/herbal chicken bread. It's a big loaf of bread with curry chicken or herbal chicken inside. Oh yea, forgot to mention that the restaurant is called “Yau Kee”.

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