Everybody Say YES to Ipoh Food

Today, my job here is to introduce the best Ipoh food to you.

Ipoh is one of the cities in Malaysia which has a high percentage of Chinese residents.

Therefore, lots of Chinese food are available here, from snack to high-end restaurant food.

All sorts of cooking styles can be found here. Most of them brought in by Chinese from the southern provinces of China and mixed with local flavors.

Ipoh is really famous of its food where people are coming all the way from Penang, Kuala Lumpur or even Melaka to have lunch or dinner in weekends.

They agreed that it's worth to drive few hours for the great food.

Here are various types of food that you should try out!
Only the BEST food in Ipoh...

First of all, if you are in a hurry, you can just visit one place, the Dato Tahil Azar Road in the city. It's because there are few famous Ipoh food along the road. (Please refer to the map below which circled in red.)

Bean Sprout Chicken - It has earned the highest honor among all the food in Ipoh. If you never taste it, you considered never been to Ipoh.

Dim Sum - A traditional Chinese cuisine for breakfast. Let's see where is the best place for "Dim Sum" in Ipoh.

Tau Fu Fah - There are tidbits that you could take in between meals, such as this traditional Chinese dessert "Tau Fu Fah".

Salty Chicken - The best salty chicken in town for takeaway.

Hakka Mee - My favorite Hakka Mee stall. They have Yeung Tau Foo too.

Gunung Rapat Heong Piang - This is one of the good choices of gift that you can take home for your friends and family.

Wow, you can just stay there for early morning breakfast, lunch, dessert, takeaway, dinner, and buy gift for your family and friends.

Dato Tahil Azar road map

If you have more time, you can go for more...

Ipoh White Coffee - If Bean Sprout Chicken is the "king" of Ipoh food, then Ipoh White Coffee is the "queen" of beverage. "Ipoh White Coffee" has been well known from local to overseas. Sure you would want to try the "real" thing once you at Ipoh, especially those coffee fancier.

Food courts - How about food court with varieties of delicious food on serve? You can taste all sort of nice food at the same place. I suggest you to order different types of food to share with friends or family.

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