Fly to Ipoh Airport
The Sultan Azlan Shah Airport

Ipoh Airport is back in action!

Are you interested to have a flight to Ipoh instead of other transportation choices? It's always a great choice when you are too exhausted to drive or in a hurry.

Since Ipoh is surrounded by hills (that's why it's called Hill City), it is not suitable to have an international airport for the landing of large-scaled airplanes (literally anything larger than a Boeing 737). However, there is still an airport to fulfill the need of air traveling, which is the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport.

Ipoh airport - Sultan Azlan Shah Airport

Flight schedule and fare

The airport has been inactive for some while. And I'm glad that it's operating again!

Effective from 12 July 2009, Firefly (budget airline) is having 4 times weekly (Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays) flights between Singapore and Ipoh.

The flight will takes up about 80 minutes.

From Changi Budget Terminal (2.50pm) to Ipoh (4.10pm)
From Ipoh (4.45pm) to Changi Budget Terminal (6.05pm)

During promotional period (from now until 24 Oct 2009), the air ticket fare is as low as RM88 (one way), including airport tax etc.

Firefly would provide free refreshments and snacks, assigned seats and free 20kg baggage allowance for check-in baggage.

You may get more details from the Firefly Website.

After your disembarkation

You need to walk for a short distance across the parking apron towards the main terminal building after your disembarkation. There is no "bridge" to connect the airplane to the building. So, you may just walk a bit slower, and take a fast action for a photo with the airplane. Good idea huh? ;)

This is the parking apron that you need to have a little walk

OK, you are now ready to go off the airport, most probably to your hotel or other accommodation choices, but how? The only option, if there is nobody for you there, is to take a taxi. There should be a few taxies available at the entrance.

Around the airport

Ever think of wandering around the airport before leaving it? Just over the parking space, there is a small garden which you can take some photos. And when you walk out from the airport, you can find a flight association or academy (not sure about it, hehe) on the left hand side. You can see some planes parking there through the fence.

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