DR Park
(Dr. Seenivasagam Park)

The Dr. Seenivasagam Park, or more known as DR Park to the locals, is the most famous recreation park in Ipoh.

It's also the biggest and well-developed park among the others. It has all the facilities to suit the needs of lovers, families, youngsters and elders.

In Ipoh, you don't need to drive to the suburban to have some fresh atmosphere with green plants and flowers. This famous Park is just located in the heart of the city, near to the Ipoh General Hospital and Anderson High School.

Entrance of the Dr. Seenivasagam Park

At the park, you can expect some recreational fields, artificial lake, nursery for potted plants, roller-skate space etc. There are also beautiful arches, modular framework, shelters, pedestrian paths and the Ipoh tree which gave the city its name.

As a result of sister city relationship between Ipoh and Fukuoka, a Japanese garden is built in the park. The relationship established on 21st March 1989 and it was the first sister city relationship ever established between Japan and Malaysia. It's quite a popular spot for lovers to have a romantic date under the atmosphere of Japanese style garden with lake, bridge etc.

One of the sceneries of the Japanese garden

And a unique feature of the park is that it has a children traffic playground. It was my favorite playground when I was a kid! Every year, the park will held an activity to help in educating children with traffic knowledge. There will be some kind of role playing game; kids take their own parts as a driver, pedestrian, traffic police etc.

There is also a lake in the park where you can ride a boat for pleasure and enjoy the natural works of God. Another great spot for dating huh? Anyway, it's great to have a family boating too. The rental for one boat is RM5 per 30 minutes.

Boating at the lake in Dr. Seenivasagam Park

Operating Hours for boating

Monday to Thursday
8am to 1pm
3pm to 6.30pm
8am to 12noon
3pm to 6.30pm
8am to 12noon
2pm to 6.30pm
Sunday &
Public Holidays
8am to 1pm
2pm to 6.30pm

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