If you never try Bean Sprout Chicken,
you've never been to Ipoh!

Having the famous Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken for dinner is a must, whenever we have friends or relatives visiting us in Ipoh.

What is this bean sprout... and... chicken? Typically, it consists of chicken meat, chicken innards (optional) and bean sprout that cooked with hot water only. And then... served with soy sauce and sesame oil.

Here is the delicious bean sprout, chicken and meat ball

The special of the chicken is that it is cooked in a simple way, which can maintain the freshness and original taste of the chicken. Oh yeah, you may find out that the chicken is cold when it's served on table. Don't think that it has been cooked long time before. It's just one of their cooking techniques. They dip the chicken inside the cold water after it's cooked. According to the expert, this would make the chicken meat taste nicer.

Another thing to mention about is the bean sprout. Besides Ipoh, you can have bean sprout in any other places throughout Malaysia too. However, you can only find the best bean sprout in Ipoh! Once more, this should give credit to the clean and mineral-rich water source.

Basically, people will have a bowl of Ipoh Hor Fun with the chicken. This flat noodle is famous among the other states too. We used to buy few packages of Ipoh Hor Fun from the factory whenever we were going to visit my uncle in KL.

What's so special about it? They say it's smoother and... just nicer! Hehe...

Where to have this famous Ipoh food? The most well known restaurant with this dish is Lou Wong Restaurant, which is located at Jalan Raja Muda Aziz. There is another restaurant called Onn Kee, just across the road. It has a branch just beside Lou Wong Restaurant too. However, neither of them is my favorite choice.

My favorite restaurant would be the one at the Raja Ekram Road (used to known as Cowan Street).

Attention! Please bear in mind that these restaurants only open at night (dinner time until 3-4am).

Update! Now you can have this delicious Ipoh food for lunch. Onn Kee Restaurant (the air-conditioned branch) is open at noon.

Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken Restaurant

Onn Kee Bean Sprout Chicken Restaurant

Cowan Street Bean Sprout Chicken Restaurant

The three famous Bean Sprout Chicken with flat noodle (Kuewtiau/Sar Hor Fun) restaurants in Ipoh.

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