What Does Ipoh Have For You?

"Ipoh is boring! It has nothing for me." That's what I often hear from some of my friends and colleagues who have been to the city, the best place for retirement in Malaysia.

And I will tell them, "You just didn't get the correct guidance. Ipoh is a hidden pearl."

But don't worry, you won't have the same problem since you are here. So, please stay, as I will let you know all the city has for you.

Bougainvillea, the city flower of Ipoh

How? Because it is my lovely hometown. I've grown up here for 20+ years. My family has spent their life here.

We travel around the city. We hunt for nice food. We go for shopping, entertainment and recreation.

The only thing that we don't do is - We DON'T make you fall into the tourist traps.

You'll have our personal guide and recommendations. Please remember that we are not one of those official tourism Malaysia websites.

Where is Ipoh located?

Malaysia is not a big country but it's not small either. My poor little hometown has never made as a favorite tourist spot by the government, so you may have not heard about it before. Never mind, because you'll love it soon!

Ipoh is the capital city of Perak State. It is located north to Kuala Lumpur, about 2 hours and 15 minutes journey by car or 15 minutes journey by airplane. The city is much more peaceful if compared to the busy and crowded Kuala Lumpur. Malaysians vote it as the best place of living after retirement.

Oh yea, by the way, the city is given another beautiful name as "Hill City" since it is surrounded by hills.

Hills around Ipoh

More about the "Hill City"

Even in the heart of the city, you couldn't find many high floor buildings. Why? Because of the restriction rule from the state government. Why again? You may find a clue from the name "Hill City".

Since the city is surrounded by hills, there would be a problem for the landing/take off of airplanes larger than Boeing 737. Hence, we do not have an international airport. This is also the main reason of the existing rule to restrict building heights in the city.

You may see this as a disadvantage, but then this is good for our nature environment preservation. No "iron-steel forest" of offices but more terrace houses/shops. It makes the city a best place for relaxing vacation trip.

For me, it will always be the little peaceful town with nice food and relaxing people.

Hills around Ipoh

For example, you can easily engage with cars in 40km/h speed on some straight roads with low or even no traffic.

Funny, is it?

You would even find it strange enough if you come from some fast pace living environment.

And for its food, many Malaysians drive for few hours from places like Penang or Kuala Lumpur at weekends, just to have a taste of the delicious food for lunch or dinner. So now you believe that it is really a Food Heaven?!

Another additional point, Malaysians are calling this "Hill City" as the"Factory of pretty girls" too. In my own opinion, it would be the results of having the cleanest and clearest water supplies in Malaysia. Ladies, ever tried for water beauty treatment? Clean and mineral-rich water from waterfalls will be the answer? ;) erm... but... it's for drinking or bathing? or... ehem, don't ask me, because I have no idea either. Hehe.

Things to do in the city

So, once again, what does this "Hill City" have for you?

My answer is everything. Haha. That does not help, right? Thus, I will pick up some of my favorites, keep an eye on any new attractions and present to you in this website...

  • My favorite limestone cave

  • Absolute "must taste" in town (since it is a food heaven)

  • Yummiest restaurants, food courts, hawker stalls...

  • Best hotels (expensive and budget)

  • Places to hang out at night

  • The ways getting to and going around the city

  • Magnificent architecture art of historical buildings (best for photo shooting)

  • Best places to shop. Things must buy.

  • More to come on these and other "Ipohan best" things to do, eat, and experience. Watch as I add to this list of "best of Ipoh"...
Hills around Ipoh

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